lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011

Food Nazis strike in Denmark! - UPDATE: Now in France, too!

BIG FAT UPDATE: Food Nazis keep on telling you how to live and what to eat. Now ketchup is rationed in France (always for the frigging children, no less), and sugary drinks are taxed. Surprise!

The French government earns £ 100 million more for its bloated-and-broke enlightened bureaucracy (no pun intended), and 20 million fat French people (plus 7 million obese) will be slim again, thanks to thorough microrregulation.

Blitzkrieg on food keeps on!

Scandinavian countries apparently do have a problem dealing with excesses. High taxes in Norway and Sweden don’t deter people from organizing drinking sprees in Germany and Denmark, where drinks are cheaper; even if the VAT skyrockets to 25% and 15% tips are compulsory in Denmark (you can picture now how high those taxes are).

Knowing this, Danish politicians didn’t hesitate to impose a ridiculous new “fat tax” on foods like pizza, butter and meat, which were massively hoarded in the last days by a frenetic public that wanted to beat the new tax. As we noticed before, no crash course on prohibition effects will stop Scandinavian politicians’ paternalistic approach to their constituencies. If booze kills, tax it to death, no matter how people find out new ways to cheat. Fat is the new public enemy and politicians know better what is good for you, when they make your favorite food cost you even more.

Obesity might be a serious health problem in some parts of the world, but as a progressive hero I don’t feel the fascist compulsion to punish the overeating behavior.

Food Nazis all over the world are surely rejoicing and preparing themselves to pinpoint Denmark as the example to follow, giving progressivism a bad name in the interim.

Lard in the brain produces sclerosis… and very stupid laws.
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