domingo, 9 de octubre de 2011

If you're unemployed for more than two years, please don’t expect a new job

It doesn’t make any sense. From those who brought the logic that only employed people can apply to loans, now we’ve got the logic that only employed people can apply to jobs. That means, if you’re on the dole for two years or more, you should consider yourself damaged goods. And screw you, Jack.

Fortunately, Obama’s new jobs bill has a lifesaving provision for those unfortunate enough to be discriminated for being too unemployed: the banning of 15-employee or more businesses from the benefits of the new law, plus the right to make the big fat el lawsuit-o.

There is no free market babble that can justify this injustice. But as expected, business advocates say it is irrational to expect jobs creation with such provisions, but hey, is there another way to dissuade big and small businesses of incurring in such an insane practice without such a threat?

I thought so. Pass this bill!

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