martes, 20 de septiembre de 2011

Occupy Wall Street: what went wrong (up to now)

When AdBusters called for 20.000 people to occupy Wall Street, I thought immediatly, they were not aiming big enough. Last August New York City had at least 756.400 unemployed. Twenty thousand people is a way too little crowd to express discontent.

One simple demand, they say. Which is...
a) Abolish money?
b) Terminate corporations' legal personhood?
c) Judicialize the entire banking system?
d) Wipe out capitalism?

Sorry, but after four days, as John Lennon said, we'd all love to see the plan. After four days, the only novelty is that the police is getting tougher on the occupiers. They appear not to know what they are fighting for...

So, why on earth did AdBusters called for an occupation of Wall Street, even if they could not approach the targeted zone? Without planning and without a clear statement the so-called organizers are wasting my time and the goodwill of the participants.

People came to chant slogans which might be true, but they are embarrasing themselves by not knowing what would follow next if they'd succeed.

I would like to know which society should emerge after kicking the fat cat bankers' butts.
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