martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

Parents Are Biggest Obstacle To Pot Legalization: Survey

Got to get you into my life?

"Caffeine kills something like 1500 people a year. Pot zero. Go figure."
"Drug-related crimes would drop"
Those are typical argument-ready sophisms for legalization, and two of the most despicable ones. You can do better if you want to support legalization. Otherwise, we should then use suspension of disbelief to accept that second-hand smoke can't kill anybody or you can't get contact-high. Following that reasoning, drinking could not alter perception while driving and couldn't cause any kind of accidents. It should be something else. Stupidity, maybe.
And organized crime won't dissappear the next day pot became legal. Thugs are going to find something else, even more unpleasant for John Q. Public.
Let's make an honest debate and abandon that old sophistry already.
I might have a lot of parent issues myself, but for once I want to think parents could really care about their children in this case.
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