domingo, 26 de agosto de 2012

The worst job ever: risking your sanity in the Internet to protect yours

How Child Porn And The Other Awfulest Things Ever Get Scrubbed From The Internet: There’s a lot of stuff on the internet, and every day more gets added to it. Not all of it is kosher. Child porn. Narco executions. Beheadings. So an invisible workforce has emerged to help scrub the festering filth, one that is often poorly paid, in entry-level positions with little support or job security. As an interview earlier this week with a former Google worker showed, the psychological costs can be high.
“We were the 911 for the internet. We handled every single report on an internet child porn,” Cindy said. “Man, I wished I worked at Google compared to what we were dealing with. Every week we saw about 25,000 reports and every single report had at least 200 to 500 images and videos to review.”

The Trolls in 4chan's /b/ may be rejoicing every single day in their filth, but in the meanwhile the unsung heroes of the Internet work 24/7 to protect us from truly unwatchable images. Don't you think I'm not for freedom of expression, but I'm really against depicting in the Internets images depicting criminal behavior, just for your frigging pleasure.

Next time you think your job truly sucks, think again. And read How Child Porn And The Other Awfulest Things Ever Get Scrubbed From The Internet. And weep.

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