viernes, 6 de enero de 2012

I smell another big fat mclawsuit: Microsoft patents "Avoid Ghetto" GPS App

Well, score another one for the one percenters! Microsoft has just patented an app for the GPS systems, that (allegedly) based on crime and weather statistics, advises the driving patrons on how to avoid unpleasant neighborhoods, better known as ghettos, shantytowns and obamavilles.

Microsoft’s true genius apparently resides in patenting an app that it seems has been more or less used by the powerful since the beginning of time: it makes easier to avoid addressing the poverty and social justice issues.

It won’t be long until the ACLU files a class-action lawsuit on behalf of those that will be discriminated and segregated thru technology. After that, common sense will still be AWOL.

The oldest trick on the book: pretending there is no poverty by simply not looking at it.
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