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Obama will be reelected in 2012. Deal with it.

It’s really hard being the only liberal in the sipmacverse. OK, Paul Maršić is a moderate, granted. But the rest of bloggers belonging to the sipmac team are barely disguised copies of a raving, lunatic Dr. sipmac, April Camus notwithstanding. The blog’s now a year old but as a liberal, I had very little to rejoice about.

Until now. I don’t need to be a fortune teller, but I guarantee you that Barack Hussein Obama will be reelected in 2012. Right-wingers like Dr. sipmac will never acknowledge this, but deep in their hearts they already know they cannot avoid a crushing defeat.

Republicans and conservatives think the 2012 election will be a cakewalk because of the deadbeat economy, and that the electorate will hold Barack Obama accountable of the mess they have created. Even if this were true, the GOPers have forgotten to implement the most indispensable thing to win an election: a viable candidate.

Sorry, but even if Romney secures the nomination, he will lose to Obama just because he’s an android. Uncharismatic, dull politicians have nothing to do around a charismatic one like The One. If Newt Gringrich and Michelle Bachmann could get rid of their kooky personalities, they would still have to deal with their lame political foundations and their own peccadilloes (there are plenty of them). Rick Perry became rapidly entangled in his own prejudices and his blatant presidential incompetency. Jon Huntsman tries to look like the Barack Obama of the GOP… right when we still have the original Obama. It does not make an ounce of sense…

Palin would secure the nomination and we could be planning the burial of the GOP.

As for Herman Cain, the Republicans blew their only chance to make the competition interesting. I’ll tell you a little secret: the parallels between Obama and Cain are striking. One made his fortune in the private sector, the other in the academia and the public sector. Both were relatively inexperienced at the beginning of their big breaks. It would have been a truly ideological, colorless debate if Mr. Cain could have kept his pants on. Now the very possibility of it is gone forever.

There is a real void in the Republican Party, and because of this void, moderates and independents will cast their lot with Obama’s reelection. I’m not a fan of predictions, but seldom have I seen things so clearly. Republicans and conservatives, let’s face it: You’re going to lose. Barack Obama will be a two-term president.

Deal with it.
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