viernes, 5 de octubre de 2012

I really, really want Samantha's teacher to stand up for what he did

Philadelphia student says teacher mocked her for wearing Romney shirt - A uniform-free "dress-down" day at Charles Carroll High School in Port Richmond turned into a public dressing down for a student who chose to wear a pink T-shirt supporting Mitt Romney for president.

Samantha Pawlucy, a sophomore at Carroll, said her geometry teacher publicly humiliated her Friday by asking why she was wearing a Romney/Ryan T-shirt and going into the hallway to urge other teachers and students to mock her.

"I was really embarrassed and shocked. I didn't think she'd go in the hallway and scream to everyone," Pawlucy said. "It wasn't scary, but it felt weird."

Pawlucy said she decided to wear the shirt after researching the candidate and President Obama and concluding that she was a Romney supporter. Her father, Richard, said she was especially interested in Romney's opposition to late-term abortion.

The most interesting thing is how the teacher cannot cope with their outrageous behavior. Freedom of speech? Naw, as long as you don't wear a T-Shirt of a legitimate party. B-b-but those darned repubs are the KKK!!! Yes, very mature of you, teacher. Well argumented. Like your geometry class.

Future Teacher of the Year, would you pretty please with sugar on top stand up and tell the world who you are, and explain us why did you feel the need to verbally abuse and bully a sixteen year old girl, that made an informed decision, all by herself and stood up for it like you weren't doign it right now? Extra bonus questions: Please define: a) Tolerance b) Freedom of Speech c) Diversity d) Cowardice.

Don't keep on hiding, teacher. The world is waiting for your wisdom.

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