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Scientologists Plan Hollywood TV Studio: Chanology, Operation Clambake, now it's up to you...

Scientologists Plan Hollywood TV Studio: (Reuters) - The Church of Scientology, the religion whose followers include actors Tom Cruise and John Travolta, plans to start a religious broadcasting center to promote its teachings over TV, radio and the Internet.

The center, located near the church's West Coast headquarters in Hollywood, would occupy the nearly five-acre studio property the church bought last year from Los Angeles public TV station KCET for $42 million. The station would elevate the public profile of a religion that has mostly relied on pamphlets and books by its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, to proselytize for new members.

By The Finch, supressive person

As the old man said, sunlight is the best desinfectant. The more they try to go public, the more obvious and clear their lunacy it will get. Katie Holmes' and Nicole Kidman's lips might be sealed because of emotional blackmail, but others still have the chance to speak out before the lunacy spreads even more. By the way, for those that want to spare between $ 80 K and $ 300 K, a lifetime of misery and want to find out what Hubbard's spawn is really about, please go straight to Operation Clambake and read what a "no turn the other cheek <<religion>>" works.

And watch the South Park episode "Trapped in the Closet", too. Lord Xenu might thank you for that.
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