martes, 5 de junio de 2012

Unions behaving like soulless corporations

Looks like they were in Wall Street!
Unions haven’t found the enemy yet – and it is them.

For starters, collective bargaining for unions is a right. It is clear as day that as individuals, negotiations are doomed to fail. That said, it is clear that Wisconsin unions messed it the big time when they didn’t realize that it was only fair (Obama’s favorite word after the pronoun "I"!) that the public employees should pay something for their pensions and healthcare.

In their quest for social justice, unions conveniently forget that public employees don’t work for a soulless corporation but for the government, which is financed not only by soulless corporations’ taxes, but by citizens’ taxes, too. And public servants work for the citizens, as they like to forget when they justify their lousy performances that characterize the governmental rule.

This arrogance has become the trademark of unions, and this is the reason why they should – win or lose today – do some soul searching.

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