miércoles, 7 de marzo de 2012

Obama, gun control, and the law of unintended consequences

Guns, by definition, shouldn’t be in the hands of civilians,  neither outlaws nor good law-abiding citizens, period. Gun ownership should be a state monopoly, period. Civilians should be kept very far away from guns, period.

That said, in the field of gun control I was expecting something cleverer from President Barack Obama, a true reminder of his touted wit and sharpness. But no, as far as the conservative media outlets let us know, the Obama administration is breaking all-time records for guns sales. I know this isn’t making look Obama good, but if the progressives really want to curtail the gun sales boom, an open debate must take place in the mainstream media.

Why? You might not know, but open and under radar efforts have failed to produce a real impact in this phenomenon, except in Chicago. Eric Holder is in boiling water ever since his Operation “Fast and Furious”, initially designed to prove the link between American arms sellers and Mexican gangs, backfired spectacularly by providing these gangs sophisticated weaponry they wouldn’t have had otherwise.

And there have been a scarcity in guns lately, indeed. But it is only because guns manufacturers just can’t keep up with the huge demand of firearms and ammunition.

The big irony in all this is that Obama would have kept the gun market away from this unexpected frenzy just by doing nothing. The road to hell is paved with good intentions (and is full of guns).

Guns manufacturers must really heart President Obama.
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