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I smell a big fat mclawsuit:The racist attack at McDonalds

The racist attack at McDonalds
How shall I begin? Well, there's no such thing as "reverse racism" (how I hate that dreadful expression!). Just plain racism. Blacks beating on a white using deadly force, no matter what the circumstance that would be a hate crime if the colors were reversed.

Quite frankly, there's no such thing as "hate crime" (how I hate that dreadful expression!), and it is quite likely unconstitutional (i.e, U.S. unconstitutional). A crime is a crime; and adding the phony tag "hate crime" in order to get a more serious conviction is unconstitutional. Sooner or later some wise lawyer will get the "hate crime" designation brought before the Supreme Court and it will be struck from the books.
BTW, it looks like the two perpetrating women already hit the victim scale jackpot:
Equality Maryland said the victim is a transgender woman and called on state Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler to step in and investigate the case as a hate crime. Police and prosecutors said they did not know whether the victim is a transgender woman.

Here's the smoking gun:

In the meanwhile, why won't Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (and their not-so-merry crews) come out and condemn these brutality? Again, if this were two whites on a black, it would lead to protests (even riots). It would be really nice if these so called leaders (sometimes they look more like hatemongers) show some consistency, for once.
McDonald's employees' attitude was even more despicable. They did absolutely nothing to stop this carnage. One more thing: it seems the whole thing started because the two women found the transgendered woman in the bathroom. They took on her. She did absolutely nothing to defend herself.

I smell a big fat mcsupreme court historic ruling, too.
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