domingo, 9 de enero de 2011

Keith Olbermann Issues Special Comment On Arizona Shooting: Violence Has No Place In Democracy

I applaud your statement, Mr. Olbermann. I salute you. Without the need to name specific names and without pointing fingers to specific persons (everyone of us sure has quite a list of culprits), your call to drop aggresive, belligeren­t language was the right thing to do.

Victims are victims, regardless of their political affiliatio­n, and to express our solidarity first, must be today's lesson. The impulse to rush and capitalize on such a tragedy must be condemned and banned without hesitation­, that's another lesson.
I cannot take out of my mind that a 9 year old girl (born on 9/11, no less!) was killed in this utterly despicable carnage. I pray for her, for all the victims and their relatives.
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